Down Home Brewing Company
Down Home Brewing Company
Georgia Hooch IPA
India Pale Ale
6.8% ABV

Release Date: Fall 2017

This IPA introduces your mouth to a citrus piney grapefruit taste. Georgia Hooch is the epitome of being in the beautiful and scenic back woods of the great State of Georgia.  We just happen to capture it in a glass. When this liquid hits your taste buds all 6 hops used in the ingreidents explode into the aforementioned flavors and linger for a while thanks to th very limited malt used to cut the flavor of the hops.

Pairs well with lemon pepper wings or spicy seafood.
T-Pom Pomegranate Wheat Ale
Wheat Ale
6.3% ABV

​Release Date: Fall 2017

An American wheat ale with subtle hop bitterness and a tart crisp dry finish. Not to be confused with a sour Lambic, T-Pom is a refreshing standalone beer. It can also be used as an ingreident to a mixed drink like a sangria, margarita, cocktail, or etcetera.

Pairs well with a light seasonal salad, like a grilled chicken salad topped with diced apples, pecans and brie cheese, or with any berry based sorbet.

Ol' Heffe Wheat
4.7% ABV

Release Date: TBA

One of the most reliable beers that will guarantee quenching of the most bearable thirst on a hot day. This light bodied hefeweizen brewed with German hops contains a light banana aroma with an even lighter bready taste (traditional of a German style hefe). However, the twist is the after taste of a sweet savory flavor equivalent to an amber ale. 

Pairs with grilled pork chops, or a banana flavored dessert of your choice.
Summer Set Gold
Pilsen Ale
4.1 % ABV

Release Date: TBA

A light bodied Pilsen Ale that is perfect while sitting by the pool or after the baseball game on a hot summer day. Refreshing is the best way to describe it!

Pairs well with some authentic mexican food or some of your favorite go-to tex mex dishes like nachos, tacos, or quesadillas. 
ATL Pale Ale
Pale Ale
5% ABV

Release Date: TBA

A medium bodied ale with a hint of malt and hop bitterness. Easily pair this with your favorite Greek or Mediterranean style dessert like baklava, or a lean protein and salad of your choice.

Pairs well with any weekend (or weekday) brunch your heart desires. 
Muddy Waters Porter
7% ABV

Release date: TBA

Infused with thick, rich coffee and chocolate notes. Similar to a stout, it gives you a hint of smoky flavor but then is balanced on the back end with the essence of sweet malt and molasses. 

Pairs well with BBQ and sushi.